Take your business online and make it sizzle.

As the architect, designer and developer of ground up websites for specific functionality, Tech-Acumen can help you bring your dream to life.  With most web applications there are concerns for privacy, firewall protection, and also the opportunity to create a seamless end user experience.

Web Applications covers so many areas it is hard to describe them all… a few that come to mind are:

  • Get your product to be noticed on Amazon, eBay or Google – Call TechAcumen
  • Create a website from the ground up to meet a specific criteria or need – we have done it before, again and again
  • You have a product that needs computerized management – Call TechAcumen
  • Create a web shopping presence. We have implemented AspDotNetStoreFront shopping carts for clients.
    • We are an authorized

      Example of Tech Acumen hard at work to make the process work and work well.

      Our client was one of the first ten sellers on the internet to receive the badge of a Google Trusted Store. We helped them earn this through accurate product availability and proper transparency in place with Google shopping feeds we wrote and other online shopping venues.

      Coordinating disparate systems across the web is another place where Tech Acumen shines.  One of our clients sells used items. Therefore, each item has a unique condition and price. It is available online in numberous outlets, eBay, Amazon, their own web store and off-line in one of their brick and mortar stores. The inventory feature MUST be accurate to maintain selling rights with Amazon and eBay.  If an items sell, it must be immediately removed from all other listings.  Without a computerized process in place to handle this, the item may be sold twice and delivery would be impossible.  This could affect future selling opportunities by damaging their Amazon and eBay merchant accounts. It may result in bad reviews from irate customers regarding lack of availability.

      We wrote programs using APIs and SDKs to coordinate removal of the sold item across all platforms while keeping it up to date in their CounterPoint Point of Sale. These processes are the answer to be accurate and protect future revenue streams.

      We can develop tools with whatever method required; read and write Web Services, use APIs, SDKs, ASCII imports, and direct SQL connections.

      A client in the sporting goods industry enlisted Tech-Acumen to implement a heavily enhanced ASPDotNetStorefront shopping cart.  Based on the enhancements with comprehensive searching abilities for their retail customers, our client increased their website business by 8X over the prior year.  They are ecstatic!

      HTML Prettifier

      The HTML Prettifier is an extremely flexible tool that can be used for sprucing up item listings on eBay and elsewhere.

      The HTML Prettifier uses product information already defined in CounterPoint SQL retail management system along with templates designed for the customer to construct the HTML code necessary to display all of their information in a graphically enhanced layout.

      • More information about your product(s)
      • Easy to read, organized layout translates to more sales
      • Adds credibility with a clean and professional look & feel.
      • Dramatically improve organic search results with better indexing by Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Do your eBay listings SIZZLE?!


Or Do They Put Buyers to Sleep?

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How does it work?

HTML templates were created specifically for our customer’s business. We design templates in any manner to give the exact look and feel that is needed. The CP items are run through the HTML Prettifier and just like magic, you have HTML text that can be put on a static site, CPOnline, eBay or others.  The HTML Prettifier is ready to use with CPOnline stores and only requires a development of  customized templates to make the magic occur.

CP eBay Lister

Part of the custom project involved a set of integration tools we developed to list items directly from CP SQL to eBay.  Is with some items, it requires customization for each business and is not a packaged product. A CP eBay Lister is not required when using CPOnline, but is needed for eBay integration.

What is the ROI?

Our customer had 2 or 3 people working full-time doing eBay listings all day long, since they usually have about 10,000+ items listed at a given time.  This job is now monitored by one person who spends about an hour a week on it.  You do the math – this saves money AND makes money!!

Another example of a web application developed by Tech Acumen

We were the original architect and developer for the LACasting website, a website devoted to bringing acting talent and opportunity together, based in Hollywood, CA.

We were enlisted to develop the website to connect  casting agents, talent, and industry professionals.  Items such as a picture gallery for talent, submission lists for available jobs,  communication connection points for casting agents to talent, lightboxes for agents were created and all so that the end user can create, modify, and manage their own area with no more than basic computer skills.