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Streamline Processes using Tech-Acumen,Inc. Wireless MobileISM Software written specifically for NCR Counterpoint.SQL POS. 
MobileISM works with any PDA RF Device using Windows Mobile 5 + and some versions of Windows CE operating systems.

What can it do?

Receiving an item with MobileISMRECEIVINGS – Process Receivings for both Purchase Orders and Transfers. Allows multiple receivers to work on the same Purchase Order. Very flexible with many configuration options.

CREATE TRANSFER OUTCreate Transfers Out by scanning items for a user specified FROM and a TO location on the handheld device. It is most frequently used to provide an easy method for staff at a remote location to request a transfers while “walking the aisles”. In this case, the Pick Transfer Out app is often used by the warehouse location to specify what was actually sent.

PICK TRANSFER OUT – This application is used to pick and adjust the transfer out orders. It is most frequently used in conjunction with the Transfer Advice Report. This provides a very accurate method of controlling transfers.

PRICE CHECK/CHANGE -Lookup the item price. MobileISM can be optionally set to allow Price Changes on the fly.

INVENTORY ADJUSTMENTSThis app makes it easy to create an CounterPoint POS inventory adjustment when scrapping expired inventory, managing shrinkage, etc.

MOBILE TICKETS – This application provides a powerful and flexible line-busting function. Held tickets or orders can be created on the fly. Either of these can be processed immediately or saved on the handheld device for later processing. Full support of CounterPoint price rules on the device (BOGO pricing is only applied when a ticket is processed in CP). Full support for location pricing, alternate units, gridded items, and more. Orders and/or held tickets can be easily processed in CounterPoint after they are uploaded.

PHYSICAL COUNT – Scan Items and/or manually enter. A description search provided if needed. You may enter numerous counts for the same item allowing multiple clerks to count concurrently. Counted items may be reviewed and the quantities adjusted for all items counted. Full detail of every scan or entry is kept in a database file for audit and review. The CounterPoint physical count is updated when the Count is uploaded. The user interface is extremely simple; and easily used by inexperienced staff. Several fields may be defined that can be entered in Mobile Tickets and uploaded to CounterPoint; these can be standard CounterPoint fields or custom fields.

PURCHASE REQUESTSCreate a purchase request using the mobile app.

What Functions are Supported by all modules?

Tech-Acumen Inc Mobile Inventory and Sales Management Application - MobileISM for CounterPoint.SQL Point of Sale. View the Main Menu





STANDARD COUNTERPOINT RANDOM WEIGHT BARCODES  – accurately scan random weight barcodes generated by a third party scale 







MobileISM Tickets supports CounterPoint POS Gridded Items

TRANSACTIONS –  Create transactions in the various areas as if they had been entered manually in CounterPoint. This allows you to review, edit, and delete transactions prior to posting from within CounterPoint.

Additional Features

SHOW ADDITIONAL FIELDS – In most of the applications we provide a method for the (technical) user to create custom results that will show up on the handheld for an item. For example, your company might wish to display inventory quantity available at several locations as well as multiple price levels.

MobileISM Management Console makes settings and configuration easy

MANAGEMENT CONSOLE – Most of our modules have configuration options that make it possible to tailor the functionality for your specific needs. Some of these options are maintained in SQL Server and some on the device itself. The management console makes it easy to maintain these options and help text is provided for every choice. We are always enhancing the Management Console to provide automated update and installation support.

MobileISM is very configurable

ROBUST – We have refined our transaction processing to the point that it is nearly impossible to lose data, even if the handheld database gets corrupted. We do this with the way we handle transactions, maintaining an optional transaction backup database on the device, and several levels of transaction logging on the device that (at the highest level) keeps a record of most everything that occur.

Who uses it?
Lawn and Garden Industry
Wholesale Grocery
Golf Equipment
Meat Product Route Sales
Wholesale Gift Shop Suppliers
Gourmet Market & Deli
Perfume Retailer and Online Boutique
and more


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