ShipRush Integration to CounterPoint POS for Fast and Easy Shipping




Add CPShipRush to your CounterPoint system to save shipping costs. Eliminate double data entry and data entry errors. ShipRush shipping software gets the package ready to go FAST!

CPShipRush is TechAcumen’s connection between ShipRush Shipping Software and CounterPoint.SQL Point of Sale. We make it easy for you to get shipping done.

How it works:

Scan a barcode or Search CounterPoint to retrieve orders or tickets to ship. This search queries your CP Point of Sale data, eliminating duplicate data entry when making shipments to customers.


Highlight the shipment you wish to send. Change the shipping method if you wish or accept the predefined ship via code in CounterPoint POS.

You can ship via Ship via FedEx, UPS or USPS with Endicia

A separate Endicia account is required for USPS shipping.

Then just Click SHIP and all the pertinent fields are pre-populated. The appropriate ShipRush User Interface opens, either FedEx, UPS or Endicia for USPS.


Use-ShipRush-With-CounterPoint-for-UPS-Shipping. No-duplicate-entry

Add a scale in your shipping department and the weight is automatically entered or manually weigh boxes and enter the pounds. Of course, the customer and order data are entered for you saving time, errors and money.

Tracking Number and Charges Returned to CounterPoint.SQL Point of Sale

The tracking number and shipping charges are transferred back to CounterPoint. ShipRush also provides reporting on the package specifics.

Once you decide to use CPShipRush – you will receive user documentation, installation and configuration on at least 1 workstation, and a one year maintenance agreement and license.

The label is then printed; apply the label on the package and put it out to ship!


Simple, effective and efficient.

So easy — CPShipRush!

It works with ShipRush, Federal Express, United Parcel Service, Endicia and the United States Postal Service
CPShipRush Works with ShipRush by Z-Firm, LLC