24231267_seCommerce has grown considerably over the past decade and is now at a point of tipping retail sales in many directions. Because so many consumers are now shopping from their mobile devices and home computers, retailers are using many incentives to entice them to shop online with them. Shipping anywhere and anytime for free is one of the best ways retailers are closing sales with visitors and shoppers from their online store.

It’s a business model more now than ever to ensure your eCommerce capabilities offered to your customers are working correctly and without any bugs.

That’s where we come in. Our staff has numerous ways and solutions to take your Shopping Cart system to new levels performance. Contact us today for a free quote and let us solve any problems you may be experiencing servicing your online public.

Some integration projects we have had the pleasure to work on:

  • Implementing and customizing AspDotNetStoreFront e-Commerce shopping solutions. We are an authorized partner and provider.

AspDotNetStorefront Shopping Solution

  • eCommerce Integration to CounterPoint for a very successful NFL sports team . During busy times they can receive thousands of orders per hour. They had a fully functioning custom eCommerce site and were very happy with it. They needed automation to CP without user interaction and we provided it.
  • Integration to an after-market automotive distributor’s Web services to CounterPoint POS – The distributor sells over 1 million different stocking items and has 18,000 retail stores as customers. Our custom application allows the POS clerk to click a button from CounterPoint Touch Screen to check the vendor’s availability of a specific stock item by warehouse location, the retail price, the wholesale price, etc. and then place the item on the current ticket.
  • As you can imagine, if the retailer had this many unstocked items in their CP parts catalog it would be unwieldy, especially searches which would be very, very slow. We resolved that issue.
  • By simply checking a box, the clerk can order the item immediately and put it on a PO within CP, or just put it on a PO and let the purchasing manager decide when to place the order with the distributor.
  • Interface CounterPoint to Monster Commerce Shopping Cart for the Ansel Adam’s Gallery. It is a custom solution to create customers and orders in CounterPoint from web orders and has saved them a considerable sum.
  • Ship Compliant Interface – Wine and spirit sales with interstate shipping (such as a web e-commerce store) must comply with complex laws and regulations that vary greatly among states and counties. We integrated this with CounterPoint for a well-known vacation destination and working winery in North Carolina.
  • StarShip Shipping Software – We wrote CPStarShip, an interface between StarShip shipping software and CounterPoint SQL including order consolidation, blind shipping and numerous other features.


“If there’s one thing I have learned from working with Tech Acumen, it is “Never say never”. There isn’t anything that they can’t do. The entire team is a pleasure to work with and their work is second to none. Tech Acumen continues to make us look like heroes to our clients by making it possible for us to deliver phenomenal custom solutions. From the mundane to the highly complex, Tech Acumen is our sole choice for custom development work.”

J.M. CounterPoint Reseller
POS Hawaii

Let us make you a hero too. We do the software development necessary to make it happen. We don’t sell CounterPoint – we are here to extend your services.