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CounterPoint SQL Programming.

CounterPoint SQL Programming Solutions from Tech-Acumen. Call - (818) 353-4111One size does not fit all. For over 2 decades, we have offered software solutions for serious retail and wholesale businesses, specializing in customizing CounterPoint Point of Sale. Our primary mission as a consulting firm is to find the best solutions for our clients at the best possible price.

CounterPoint SQL Programming Solutions

Real solutions to your specific situations Our focus is on you, the retailer or wholesaler who needs Control of Inventory, speedy and easy-to-use Point of Sale and Orders handling, and complete and accurate Reports of business information the way you need to see it.

Our customization experience is extensive. In fact, we’re the group that other CounterPoint dealers come to for help with customizations and Custom Programming. We develop add-ons and utilities to solve common problems. we take the time to get to know your exact requirements to help take a business challenge and turn it into a competitive advantage.

CounterPoint SQL Programming Case Study

In this case study we look at one merchant’s solution to shipping problems. Customer Service issues managing thousands of wholesale and retail orders were smothering the merchant; unquestionably costly and a headache to boot. We wrote an Intelligent Shipping Plan application for the CounterPoint shop to manage shipping and dramatically improve customer service.

CounterPoint has limited shipping support and no support for line item ship dates . With our CP mod, the merchant’s customers specify the requested ship date by line item. Management uses our application to cumulatively build a shipping plan each day. Tremendous flexibility was built into the system: select orders to ship by Priority, Ship Date, Minimum Order Dollar Threshold, and/or Customer Category.

Intelligent Shipping Plan. Plan shipments for the day and easily make changesSee the current status of orders in the shipping plan, change the priority to expedite shipment of an order or put an order on hold. The picker in the warehouse automatically gets the next order to process, sorted by bin location. When processing is complete, the shipping plan table is updated. Invoiced items are moved to the bottom.

Here Is A Sample CounterPoint SQL Programming Scenario:

Management decides to ship VIP Customers first, wholesale customers next, then $10K worth of back orders for a certain date range and the balance by line item ship date.

Due to a desperate phone call from a customer, Customer Service raises their order priority in CP and ships it today.

An over credit order is placed on hold in the Intelligent Ship Plan. CP is updated in real-time and changes to CounterPoint are reflected in the planning application. The Intelligent Shipping Plan knows and acts accordingly.Changing the plan is easy. Mix and match and decide if the ‘what if’ results make sense.

Tell us your dreams – we can help you make them come true…

The plan is sorted by bin location, minimizing wasted movement throughout the warehouse . The order picker automatically gets the next order to pick from the plan on a wireless hand held computer. He never has to select an order and only lines on the order needing to be picked are displayed. He systematically moves through the warehouse picking orders.

In this challenging business climate, we all need any possible advantage.
Utilizing technology is a way to decrease costs and radically improves customer service.

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