CounterPoint Point of Sale Customizations

CounterPoint POS Customization from Tech-Acumen Inc. Call (818) 353-4111 CounterPoint SQL POS is a graphical point-of-sale and inventory management system that offers many rich features and benefits out-of-the-box to retail businesses.  If you use CounterPoint now, you know the comprehensive functionality and how it helps your business. Over time, you will think of different features you  want and “wish” it could do.  This is where Tech-Acumen can help you.  We can take your ideas that are specific to your business model and help you bring them to life – providing a platform for success.

CounterPoint POS Customization Projects

We have literally done hundreds if not thousands of modifications and customizations to CounterPoint.  This is the basis of our business model – to offer virtually unlimited customizations and enhancements to make CounterPoint do exactly what makes sense for your business.

Many of our projects do not directly use CounterPoint POS at all, but use the sales and inventory data in the CP database to accomplish unrelated tasks. For example, we use inventory and item records to write listings to eBay and Amazon for a client. If you want something done, we have probably already done it or something like it.

25 Years Experience With CounterPoint POS Customizations

With a 25 year history in this exact business, improving, modifying and learning all updates associated over each of those 25 years with CounterPoint, we set and then exceeded the standard as software developers that make make your business efficient and clients happy.  TechAcumen has built a reputation for reliability and is expert at creating clever solutions.  Our software engineers are carefully selected individuals with highly honed skills. Our staff has been with us many years.

As former resellers, we were the #2 CounterPoint dealer in the country. This fact will give you confidence that we know our business.  We decided in 2005 to focus on the part of the industry we most enjoy – software development – and stepped out of the reseller role.  At TechAcumen, Inc. we truly know and understand CounterPoint SQL POS software inside and out. Our depth of knowledge and experience guarantees that you have experts on board.

Start Integrating Today

Get CounterPoint SQL POS integration from Tech-Acumen IncWe can integrate CounterPoint with your other software packages and give you exactly what you need to run your business better. If off-the-shelf software lacks the vital features and information you need, contact us to discuss your wish list.  As we have done so many different kinds of applications and created so many different kinds of solutions – we will be able to quickly, effortlessly and easily help you get to your goals faster and more economically.  Should you come to us with something we haven’t done before – we relish the challenge and you have our years of experience working for you to get to the unique solution.  Over the years, we have integrated many systems together to get the data you need in your hands NOW.


If you can dream it – we can help you build it…
Take your Business to the Next Level

Counterpoint SQL POS takes your business to the next levelWant to take your website to the next level and have it work harder for you?  See Web Application examples for ideas how we can help you.  We help clients increase their customer satisfaction and grow their business exponentially.

What about a complete custom solution? We can help you.

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