“As a Counter Point solutions dealer it is imperative that we align ourselves with the best in class industry partners. Customer satisfaction is important to us as a part of our service offering and determines which partners we select to work with our clients.

Tech Acumen did an outstanding job developing a reloadable prepaid purchasing card to integrate to a very large, prestigious client’s Counterpoint POS system. They had very specific, somewhat complex needs that needed to work within their large secure WAN.

The product went through a very elaborate test process and the comments from each test team were that they couldn’t believe it all worked from the first test, something they don’t get from their own very large IT department. All the code … worked flawlessly and that is really important as you know. Thank you for your attention to detail and being our partner.”

William K. Dietrich Jr.
VP Sales & Marketing




“I am very impressed with the thoroughness and accuracy of the work done by the people at Tech-Acumen. They were extremely easy to work with on a difficult project. We brought them our “Dream Specs” wondering if it was even possible. Not only did they fulfill all our requirements, but added a few enhancements that we did not even think of.

Their follow up was also excellent I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting this type of work.”

Mary L. Dailey
Dailey Data & Associates




“I recently engaged Tech Acumen to do a program which was needed to reduce the time spent in various tasks in my business. Susan did an excellent job, first in understanding what I needed and then in producing this in a timely manner.

The program was better than I expected and is already saving time. I would recommend Tech Acumen’s services to anyone needing programming assistance. They do a great job!”

Myles Mellor
Myles Mellor Theme Crosswords




“Tech-Acumen has delivered the customizations that our clients have needed in a timely, accurate and well-documented manner. As a business partner you can depend on them to be knowledgeable, available and responsive when implementing and testing modifications.”

Bill Lombardi
Total Information Systems




“Working with Tech-Acumen has increased our sales and customer satisfaction. It has been like having a programmer on board. Tech-Acumen helps us plan CounterPoint modifications and implements them on time and on budget.”

Marv Edelstein
COED SmartBytes

“If there’s one thing I have learned from working with Tech Acumen, it is “Never say never”. There isn’t anything that they can’t do. The entire team is a pleasure to work with and their work is second to none.

Tech Acumen continues to make us look like heroes to our clients by making it possible for us to deliver phenomenal custom solutions. From the mundane to the highly complex, Tech Acumen is our sole choice for custom development work.”

POS Hawaii




“The new Garment Barcode program is a success. Although there have been hic-cups on occasion (which is expected with a new program) the overall results are great. The only manual requirements of sales staff is placing a sticker on the back of the hang tag.When the garment is returned the original sale details pop up and the original price automatically drops into the return, and no item can be returned more than once. Not only that but when doing a sale no item can be on the sales ticket more than once, reducing the number of double charges and inventory discrepancies.

The next step is a reporting feature for the corporate office to see when items are overridden, which is necessary for any returns outside of the 30 day return policy; that way we can tell when someone is abusing the override feature. Also, a reporting feature will let us know when they override a return without a barcode, which is a company “no no”.

I feel as an Inventory Control Manager that we have a better grasp on our inventory. There can be no more fraudulent “codes” written on the back, and barcodes can’t be switched. If barcodes are stolen it doesn’t matter because there wouldn’t be an associated ticket within the system. Now the only issues remaining are staff errors. While we can make the system more perfect, staff is another subject.

Thanks Tech-Acumen. Not only for a great program but for the great support as well.”

m. fredric




“This morning, the sample inventory balances that we checked in Counterpoint matched the last AS/400 balances netted by known Counterpoint sales since the shops opened on the new system. Hallelujah!

Thank you to all for making this conversion a success. Our users had to reenter virtually no data whatsoever from the old system to the new. Over 6,000 inventory items, their descriptions, costs, price, categories, subcategories and quantities as well as vendors names, addresses, contact names and telephone numbers, etc. , etc., etc. all came across in good fashion. Conversions such as this one, from such different platforms and technologies (– even technological eras!) are never “simple” and this one was no exception.

We at Mount Vernon appreciate your dedication as well as your expertise. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association




“I am very excited about what this program will do for my inventory control. I can’t wait to use it. As usual your ability to convert our wishes into a working solution is excellent. I really enjoy working with you. It’s always rewarding.”





“Thank you for your help! You are worth your weight in gold.”
Karen O’Lane