Increase efficiency and reduce costs in your shipping department.  Ready to install CounterPoint POS integration with Starship and ShipRush. These robust apps do all the heavy lifting for you in ways only our programmers can define, but always designed with your specific business in mind.

CPStarShip – StarShip rate shops different carriers to find the best price and uses third-party parcel insurance, cutting costs even more. With our custom software, freight costs, insurance charges, declared value and tracking information are instantly sent back to the CounterPoint sales order — automatically. That means faster, more accurate billing and ease of shipping.

If your life line is product shipment, Tech-Acumen, Inc. developed a seamless interface between CounterPoint and StarShip shipping software to help you. StarShip shipping software by V-Technologies along with our CPStarShip shipping solution gets it done faster and easier. Simply enter an order number and CPStarShip retrieves the ship-to information from CounterPoint. No more wasted time reentering data, and risking costly errors. StarShip is a complete manifesting solution that supports UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL and more.

The program allows the user to select and order by order number or by customer and passes the order information to StarShip and opens the StarShip interface. When shipping is complete, the tracking number and shipping information for the order is written to CounterPoint.

It works with CounterPoint.SQL versions 8.3.7, 8.3.8, 8.3.9, and 8.4.x. You do need to buy the usual StarShip product, the StarShip Server and our CPStarship interface.

· Links directly to CounterPoint Order, Customer, or Customer Ship-To Address files
· Eliminates Double Entry – shipping information is retrieved directly from the order
· Freight charges written to order can include a customizable
handling fee

· Consolidates orders

One customer saved $1300 in shipping costs the first day using TechAcumen’s shipping software for CounterPoint! Granted, they ship $80,000 worth of goods each day, but there are sizeable savings to be had.

If your shipping department has a heavy volume, it is very useful.
There is no duplicate entry to do the shipping and this eliminates errors. It pre-populates StarShip with the address, carrier, email, phone, shipment date. Then the appropriate UPS, FedEx, USPS, or DHL label is printed out.

CPStarShip Screen



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